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Wonder Group Concentrates on Production and Epidemic Control
In order to fulfill the requirements of governments at all levels to deal with the coronavirus pneumonia, Wonder Group and some of its subsidiaries have been actively initiating emergency response plans since they resumed work on February 10, making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic to ensure the order and quality of production. At the same time, the Group also arranged urgent procurement of preventive equipment to support the fight against the virus.

For the purpose of protecting the safety and health of the employees, the Group and its subsidiaries have set up leading teams respectively for epidemic control, which are responsible for purchasing preventive equipment such as thermometers, masks, alcohol and disinfectants, monitoring body temperature of the employees at work every day and promoting the hygienic level of offices, commuter cars, workshops, canteens and toilets, etc. At present, all subsidiaries of the Group have gradually resumed production. The operation and management work is steadily conducted to ensure timely delivery of orders.

Besides strengthening epidemic prevention and control to ensure production, the Group also pays close attention to the development of epidemic and implements the social responsibility of enterprise citizen with practical actions. Zeng Qingdong, president and secretary of the Party committee of Wonder Group, took direct command to deploy all the subsidiaries, including those in Germany and Poland, to purchase preventive equipment in need. At present, the Group has donated 2,200 sets of protective clothing and 10,000 masks and sent them to local government without delay.

In the face of the coronavirus, Wonder Group took active actions and realized production and epidemic prevention and control in a balanced way. This contributes to building up a good corporate image and is sure to play a positive role in driving the prosperity of the Group.

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