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South Korean Client and Jinzhou Halla Fight COVID-19 Together

The outbreak of COVID-19 during the Spring Festival in China has made masks short of supply. It was at this time that Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. received a special gift from its Korean customer – the urgently needed MASK.

Lee Dae-gil, president of research institute of Jinzhou Halla, and his colleagues in Korean office were on Spring Festival vacation in South Korea with their families when the pandemic started to spread. After learning the news, they tried their best to purchase medical masks right away in South Korea with the help of family and friends. Lee brought nearly 2000 masks back to China personally without delay and donated to the company. “We could not express in words the consideration we have received during the days in Halla these years. At this time, we want to support the company in our own way to fight the virus and protect our colleagues.” Said Lee.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Kia Motor Group also donated a batch of medical masks to Jinzhou Halla. Zhao Yong, general manager of Jinzhou Halla, immediately conveyed his appreciation in written to the customer in South Korea. “We got strong support of the Korean customer at this critical moment. We will definitely cooperate with Korean automakers more deeply, make every effort to provide high-quality products and services!” Said Zhao excitedly.
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