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Jinzhou Halla Rebounded in Pandemic Time

Every industry has got severe impact since the COVID-19 outbreak and the integrated automobiles industry is also disrupted. While many companies postpone reopening, Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. makes every effort to response to the pandemic actively.

As the pandemic continued to spread, the orders of Jinzhou Halla in February fell to 30% of the same period of last year. Forced by the difficult situation, the marketing department of Jinzhou Halla took positive steps to analyze the market, communicate with customers and seize market opportunities by teleworking. With their continuous efforts, Jinzhou Halla got orders doubled in March and fourfold in April compared with February, 50% over the same period of last year. The YoY growth rate of orders of the biggest customer reached 46.6%. The significant increase in market share has built up solid foundation for realizing the annual business targets and future development of Jinzhou Halla.

Despite the impact of the pandemic and depressed market, the increase in orders fully demonstrates the capacity of Jinzhou Halla and its products. The company is sure to sail through the threat and boost sustainable development.

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