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Wonder Group Realized Stable Growth in the 1st Half of 2020

The automobiles market has fallen to freezing point as a result of the impact of COVID-19 this year. Facing such severe situation, Wonder Group still managed to sign 115 orders by the combined efforts of marketing departments. Over 95% of the revenue in the first half of 2020 specified in business plan was accomplished. Although it shows 6% down from the same period of last year, the figure is far below the industry decline level of 16.9%. In particular, Jinzhou Jinheng achieved positive YOY growth and its export sales volume has increase by 586%.

Even in the worst days of the epidemic, the marketing staff of Wonder Group did not give up. They tried to explore markets online when logistic services were shut down in part of the country. On February 25, Jinzhou Wanyou signed its first contract with a Turkish shock absorber company via Internet. Jinzhou Halla got 5 projects of alternator and starter from Great Wall Moters in the spring of 2020 and this made its annual supply volume for Great Wall Moters exceed one million sets. On April 20, Ford assigned the airbag project for three models to Jinzhou Jinheng. This is the first time that domestic company entered the supply system of this 100-year-old automaker. Jinan Worldwide signed a contract with Weichai Power Co., Ltd. in April for 0.6 million pcs of engine valves……

At present, Wonder Group has aimed at the business of the second half of the year. All subsidiaries of the Group are analyzing the market situation to come up with appropriate tactics for new breakthrough.

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